Model, Karen Gawin


Our Models for the Cards

Karen and her daughter Julia are our models for the Sing and Play Yoga cards. Karen attended Peri’s class when Julia was just an infant. Julia is the inspiration behind the ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’ card in the yoga deck. Whenever Karen would shake her hands and feet Julia would do the same. Which led to all the moms trying it out. And it worked!

Karen was chosen as the model for the cards because of her graceful movements (she is an accomplished ballerina), incredible flexibility and her love of the yoga practice with her baby Julia.

Karen has since had a son named Mark, they are the models in the Owner’s Page videos.

Here is a photo clip taken from the video, Sing and Play Warrior Sequence, of Karen in the pose standing splits.

Karen Gawin in the yoga pose standing splits

Videos are available on the Owner’s Page.
Note: All Sing and Play Yoga card owners have the password to this page!