sing and play yoga deck for practicing yoga with your baby child
hand holding a sing and play yoga deck
back of the sing and play yoga deck. 50 pose cards and 10 song cards.

In the deck:

  • 50 pose cards
  • 10 song cards
  • Instructions on how to use the cards
  • 3 special focused practices
  • A guide to how to design a custom practice
  • A link to password protected videos
  • Song recordings and lyrics for card owners

The Creation of Sing and Play Yoga


I started teaching Mommy & Me Yoga at Desert Song in 2010. At first the babies were very restless, until I incorporated singing and playing into the class. This comforted the restless babies. This made for happy babies, which meant we were all happy and enjoyed our yoga time together.

In 2013 I was a student in a 95-hour Kid’s Yoga training at Desert Song Yoga. My teacher, Mary asked me to teach a Mommy & Me Yoga class for the teachers. While preparing for this class, I realized that creating a set of yoga cards would be a wonderful idea.

My partner and I have been working on this project for the last 2 and half years. We are pleased to announce that the beautiful cards have arrived. Namaste!