Sing and Play Yoga Cards

Sing and Play Yoga cards lying on a blue polked dotted blanket

Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga was born from the recognition of how precious the first few years of life truly are. Introducing your baby to yoga will help inspire a deep and positive connection to all of life. With Sing and Play Yoga, the two of you will experience playfulness, laughter and a sense of calm.

This deck includes:

50 pose cards
10 song cards
Instructions on how to use the cards
A guide to how to design a custom practice
3 special focused practices
A link to password protected videos
Song recordings and lyrics for card owners

All this and our website support for only $19.95!

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I love these cards!

Peri's Sing and Play Yoga cards are unique and interactive way to get a thorough yoga practice in, while engaging and delighting with your baby. The cards are filled with beautiful instructive pictures and illustrations to guide you. And they are well made, so they will be enjoyed by generations to come. I love these cards!

Heidi Lichte Yoga Instructor

A way to play and bond with my baby

As a new mom, Sing and Play Yoga gave me a way to play and bond with my baby and an opportunity to stretch and recenter myself.

Rebecca Neztsosie Mom