sing and play yoga deck for practicing yoga with your baby child
hand holding a sing and play yoga deck
back of the sing and play yoga deck. 50 pose cards and 10 song cards.

In the deck:

  • 50 pose cards
  • 10 song cards
  • Instructions on how to use the cards
  • 3 special focused practices
  • A guide to how to design a custom practice
  • A link to password protected videos
  • Song recordings and lyrics for card owners

Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga

Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga was born with the recognition of how precious the first few years of life truly are. Introducing your baby to yoga will inspire a deep and positive connection to all of life. with Sing and Play Yoga, the two of you will experience playfulness, laughter and a sense of calm as you practice yoga.
Sing and Play Yoga Cards in 4 stacksThis gorgeous deck of cards comes in a beautiful high gloss, durable two-piece box. These vibrant colorful cards are printed on extra thick stock. They are water resistant, meant to stand the test of time.

The ‘take it anywhere’ yoga practice for you, the entire family and your baby child.